Honest Bar / Food Bank

From Ca la Maria boutique hotel, and with the help of all our guests, we collaborate with the Barcelona Food Bank.

When we decided to put a Honest Bar in our bed and breakfast we knew we wanted it to be an easy, quick and kind of being able to take a few snacks while you are in the terrace or in the middle of the afternoon resting after a long walk through Barcelona or relaxing before going to sleep or if you have come to see us after a day’s work in one of the offices nearby.2015-03-04 11.47.31

We wanted that our guests and visitors could get anything, whenever they wanted it and that it woulb be as honest as possible. They donate what they want or what think they take is worth and we give this donation to the Food Bank of Barcelona. This donation is made in a clay piggy bank, which must be broken to see its contents! It is exciting not knowing what is inside and just being able to discover the content at the end, when it is already full!

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We think this is a nice way to help those people in our city and surroundings who needs it the most. The Food Bank aims to fight hunger here, it prevents that unmarketable but still good food supplies are destroyed and finally, make them reach those people most in need of our immediate surroundings.

If you want to know more about what does and how it does it The Food Bank Foundation, visit their website: https://www.bancdelsaliments.org/es/que_hacemos/

The honest bar of our Boutique hotel has already filled the first piggy bank (called Guardiola) and we have broken it to make the first donation. During this year that the piggy bank it has been filling up we have raised a bit over 1000 € with the help of all our guests!

taula diners

Truth is that all this bills and coind together look very very good!

Now for the second one. This one is called Hucha!

2015-03-04 11.15.56

Thanks a lot from the Ca la Maria team!

The coolest design hotel in Paris: the Seven

As you know, hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria is a true follower of dazzling places around the world, particularly in the case of boutique hotel that will leave you astounded. For this reason today we are going to talk about a wonderful and surprising place: seven hotel in Paris

If you are thinking to go to Paris,  we are sure that this place will make your stay there truly unforgettable. Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Seven Hotel is a boutique hotel with 7 suites, which are the most original and elegant rooms that you never even imagined, and also are equipped with everything that you need.

The incredible 7 Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel with a magical design courtesy of four skillful designers: Vincent Bastie, Virginie Cauet, Sylvia Corrette and Paul-Bertrand Mathieu.

The hotel has 35 rooms, 7 of which are suite decorated around a different theme like James Bond, Marie Antoinette, Alice, Black diamond, Sublime, On/Off, Loves-Vouz.

Hotel Boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria wants to share with you a little piece of these seven suites.

  • The Sublime Suite

This room has been decorated carefully and in great detail. La Sublime Suite is a combination of softness, comfort and luxury. Its design is inspired by the romantic city of Paris.

Each aspect is carefully crafted in order to take you to a refined, romantic, original and elegant universe. This room is specially designed to couple in a romantic getaway.

sublime suite def 1

sublime suite def 2 (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

  • The 007 suite

An exceptional futurisic design around the British spy’s 007. This suite is a blending of sophistication, elegance and glamour which will leave you an unforgettable taste of adventure.

007 suite 1


007 suite 2 (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

  • The “Lovez-vous” Suite

Exceptional Parisian pleasure with a perfect combination of simplicity and creativity,  comfort and design. You will enjoy this cosy and chic room with its blend of the noblest fabrics and the most innovative technology.

love vous suite 1


love vous suite 2  (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

  • Alice suite

On this occasion the design of this room is inspired by Alice and the wonderland. So, maybe you can goback to your childhood memories
A fantastic and colorful place where the fantasy is the most significant player in the room.
Are you ready to live a true dream night?

alice suite 1

alice suite 2 (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

  • The Marie Antoinette suite

This room is inspired in a glamorous boudoir, will charm each and every one of your senses during your stay in this luminous little Versailles.

antonia suite 1

antonia suite 2 (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

  • The “Black Diamond”  suite

As you would open a jewel case with delight. Filled with joy, you’ll never want to leave this precious jewel.Open this precious case and let your eyes delight in this sophisticated atmosphere.

black diamond 1


black diamond 2 (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

  • The on/off suite

An unprecedented experience which transform the suite with a simple click of a button. Explore the wonder of travel according to your whims in the “On/Off” suite’s sophisticated world.

suite on 1

suite on 2  (Fuente fotografías: sevenhotelparis.com)

Do not doubt, not even for a moment and come to 7 hotel if your are thinking to came to Paris: luxury rooms, good location, awesome service and quirky details… because the place where you sleep is as important as any other aspect relating to your journay.

Hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la Maria wish you a nice trip!

Barcelona: the best cultural and gastronomic destination

Barcelonas, as we all know, is a fascinating city where we can found lots of narrow alleys, traditional tapas bars and Its easy to wander aimlessly and to get carried away by the city spirit

This mediterranean city is full of historic street pattern with architectural jewels, wonderful squares and bohemian neighborhoods that turns Barcelona into a great international reference. Also, Throughout the year is possible to enjoy a wide variety of popular festivals, theatre, dance, exhibitions and opera.

Barcelona is also highly valued as tourist destiny due to its extensive range of gastronomy, heritage and culture. We can talk about neighborhoods like Sant Antoni, Poble Sec, Gràcia o Ciutat Vella . These streets are filled with elegant terraces and has a high concentration of terraced bars and wonderful restaurants where you can find from mediterranean gastronomy to international dishes.

Barcelona is known around the world as as Gaudi and modernism´s city. This city has a rich cultural heritage with contemporary artworks that has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. These include: La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, el Palau de la Música y el Park Güell. So, No one should leave Barcelona without having also first properly visited the city and It´s architectural jewels.

Lastly, to ensure the success of the visit, the best option would be to choose a Bed and Breakfast as accommodation. These lovely places will give you the comfort and the personalized attention of its owners, careful in every detail.

Of these, one of the most amazing Hotel Boutique in Barcelona would be Ca la Maria, a charming Hotel Boutique where ancient art and contemporary arts are merge perfectly.


Boutique hotel: location and history.

Hotel Boutique are situated in adaptive re-use of buildings that previously housed other purposes. There are several reasons for This:

First of all, a boutique hotel should be generally in central locations, In urban areas easily accessible. This is because these buildings often are in prime locations. This can be especially true when the structure was built in the 19th or early 20th century. This is the case of Ca La Maria,  boutique hotel in Barcelona, located in Eixample in a 1920′s building

Second, many of these buildings usually have unique stylistic design qualities due in part to its historical context and the resulting use a specific  materials. All such elements have a distinctive aesthetic based on the age, history, and place of the building. Both the location and the stylistic look contribute to a unique character for a hotel boutique that simply cannot be easily replicated in new construction.

The design of the hotel boutique in an adaptive re-use should come from the intersection of the desired guest experience and the existing character. As long as a building has a good structure,  there is an opportunity for creative solutions to architectural challenges that result in doing things that one would not typically do in the course of designing a new building.

For this reason, hotels boutiques should be considered on the leading edge of design innovation, that is one of the biggest attractions to the guests.


Turn your house into a business

Would you like to change completely your lifestyle? Would you like to get away from the bustle of the big city? And the most important…Would you like to get a property which you have always dreamed of…and, also, if you could life from it. It would be really good, wouldn’t it?

The best way to achieve this dream job would be to own or run a bed and breakfast. These kind of accommodations can be both; a small place with two or three bedrooms or, conversely a large households , in which we could have more than seven rooms. Obviously, this will depend on the type of investment you want to make.

Would you like to buy a Hotel boutique in Barcelona and be able to live in a foreign country running your own business? Maybe you could run a Hotel boutique in Barcelona , and you can choose to live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. A city which welcomes a multitude of tourists every year , who will be happy to enjoy a holiday in a such a charming place .

If you’re thinking to own a B & B, or you can get useful information about it. There are a lot of websites where you will find an enormous variety of proprieties, both in Spain and Europe. These properties are offered both by private owners and professionals in the property sector.Similarly, if you are already a bed and breakfast’s owner, these are website pages, where you can take the option to publish an advertisement of sale of a quick and easy way.

Foto 1 texto prueba

Your house, your business..the choice is yours!

Hotel Boutique, feel at home

An Hotel Boutique is for those people who love the art of traveling and enjoy new destinations without sacrificing comfort of feeling at home. These kind of people are always searching places where there is provide personalized and retail in the service. In the face of this rising demand has emerged the concept of hotel boutique in Barcelona (and other cities). All this cities where tourism are in a constantly  increasing.

The special feature of these establishments are the perfect union between a first class hotel and a private and intimate atmosphere  where the costumer  is considered a guest. Therefore, the people who work in a boutique hotel are always looking forward to anticipate to the guest requests. This personal service is possible due to the few numbers of roomsl in this kind of hotels.

The hotel boutique in Barcelona is also characterized by ancient buildings or emblematic town houses that have been remodeled while maintaining its architectural harmony with their environment. The decor is defined by elegance and an eclectic sense. The classic style is combined with modern style giving rise a places  with a unique  decoration.

Thus, these kind of places  are an ideal choice if you want to discover the old city as if you were in your own home. You can even imagine the feeling of Back to the comfort of  your hotel after a long day of touring the be house.

Summarizing, a Hotel Boutique is a small hotel built up on an emblematic building with a personalized service to ensure a high quality.


Have you seen the amazing interview from Ca la Maria? There you go…

In this interview you will get to know the story of Maria and how this Catalan architect runs and owns this unique hotel boutique in Barcelona.

All this adventure begins when Maria decided to turn her family apartments in a high style hotel:  “It was a great project for me because it was an excellent match with my culinary skills and my aim to meet people”.

Maria is also a wonderful and expert chef; she cooks every day trying to make different ones every time:.” I enjoy creating and testing, I make all kinds of omelets, marmalades with cinnamon, fig, banana, apple, ginger, quince, etc…”

We asked her which are the main  reason to choose this hotel boutique in Barcelona: “the comfort of the rooms which comes with the delightful breakfast, the peace of the place; although it is in the center of Barcelona and the terrace, nothing like spending some time there”

She is delighted when she talks about Barcelona: “I love its architecture…The gastronomic offer is amazing. And we have a fantastic weather. I love the fact that on the 31st of December we were having breakfast in the terrace!!

Maria said that: “our top priority is that costumer having an incredible memory from Ca la Maria, and remember it when they think about they trip to Barcelona”.

Would you like to stay in Ca la Maria during your stay in Barcelona? Get in touch with us at info@restaurantcalamaria.cat


Do you know the benefits of Mediterranean breakfast in our Hotel Boutique in Barcelona?



In Ca La María we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s a complete, delicious and healthy meal, ideal for an energetic start to your day. Coffee, tea, fresh juices, eggs combined in a thousand ways, pastas, crepes, sausages and bread. , tomato bread, jam, fruit…In our Hotel Boutique in Barcelona, we have high-quality natural and organic products.

The evidence on the benefits of Mediterranean breakfast.

  • The Mediterranean breakfast from early in the morning increases your energy.
  •  A complete breakfast Improve your mood and provides health as state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being.
  • A good breakfast helps you  to control hunger during all day.
  • Take care your physical, mental, and emotional health and  reduce stress.
  • Mediterranean breakfast helps your memory and ability to concentrate.
  • This meal stimulates metabolism and the process of burning calories, especially if you maintain a healthy life.

Besides, in a Hotel Boutique in Barcelona  like Ca La Maria, you can enjoy a breakfast on a sunny terrace, or other way, in rooms with a special charm situated in our home.

In essence, special places that will make you enjoy the breakfast time.

Hotels boutique, a place with its own personality



As we have commented previously, the main feature of the Boutique Hotels are their own personality.

These hotels have design interiors, modern architecture and cozy rooms which are refreshingly decorated, with attention to detail, all this to make us feel at home.

So, These hotels certainly opt for subtlety and finesse in each guest room. This can be observed in details like furniture, bedding and the best use of the available space.

Such would, for example, be the case of  Hotel Boutique Ca la Maria in Barcelona.  This hotel trust on contemporary art, so guests will find  comfortably luxurious hotel rooms and a private collection of modern and contemporary  artists from Barcelona. Clearly, one of the best way to find out  some artists of this city.

If you haven’t stayed in a Bed and Breakfast yet, you should do it in your next  trip.

we guarantee that you will repeat

About us

CA LA MARIA is a boutique bed and breakfast in Barcelona which was borned by mixing different experiences: the contemporary art, the availability of two floors on the Eixample and the high quality cookery.

CA LA MARIA is located on the first floor of a 1920 Eixample district building in còrsega street.

It offers a real good location, near to public transport, green and blue lines with Diagonal stop and the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat with stop on Provença.
By walking 5 minutes you can arrive to the emblematic building of la Pedrera, or 10 minutes walking till Casa Batlló and 15 minutes to Plaza Cataluña.

This bourgeois modernised building it used to be a residential building.
It is composed by 5 bedrooms and it has a 750m2 terrace on the interior courtyard.