Tió de Nadal

In our last post we talked about “la castanyada”, a Catalan tradition which we celebrate for Halloween. This time we would like to talk about the “Caga tió”, a Christmas log that poops (yes, poops!) presents for everyone who sing to him on the 24th of December night. The Christmas “Tió de Nadal” is a log or tree stump standing on stick legs with a very happy painted face at one end and wearing a red Catalan barretina hat. The Caga Tió even has a blanket to keep it warm at night.


The amount and quality of presents that he poops depends on how good you have been during the year and how much food (normally fruit) you feed him during the time he is cared at your home, normally by the children, from the 8th December until Christmas Eve on 24th December.

Then, when the 24th December arrives, it is time to put him close to the fireplace (in case you have one), and the children sing the “Caga Tió” song at the same time that they hit the log with a stick. After singing for him they leave the room to pray for presents at the same time that the family have a look to the “Caga Tió” to keep him there.

The presents are normally candies, sweets and some gifts. The big presents are reserved for the 6th of January, under the Tree and brought for the Three kings. When the log has nothing left to “poo”, it finishes the deed with a poop.

Here you have a video with Kate McKinnon, who explains us a little bit more about our “Caga Tió”:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The most primitive hotel in Sweden: Kolarbyn Eco Lodge.

Hotel boutique in Barcelona Ca la maría would like to present the Kolarbyn Ecolodge hotel, which is called Sweden’s most primitive hotel. This place is situated in this unique place near Skinnskatteberg in Sweden, just 2 hours from Stockholm.

If you have ever imagined living in a place where you can back to nature and do everything by yourself, at the same time as you try minimize the environmental impact by becoming part of nature. then this is the place for you. Here you can do:

  • Chopping your own wood
  • Fetching water from the spring
  • Cooking your own meals
  • Doing your own dishes in the stream
  • Recycling your waste
  • Swimg and fish in the river

This hotel boutique consists of twelve little forest cabins equipped with simple but comfortable furniture, located near by the beautiful lake Skärsjön. Many guests choose to come here for lodging in one of the huts, just like a normal hotel, just more primitive and much more adventurous.

The small ecolodges are camouflaged forest huts covered in mud, with tiny wild bilberries and mushrooms growing on the roof. Inside are two wooden beds with no mattresses

Another peculiarity of this place is that there is no electricity but live candles and a crackling fire place that will guide you asleep

There is no electricity but live candles and a crackling fire place that will guide you asleep

One night in an ecolodge hut with breakfast starts at around £45. Sleeping bags are available to rent for around £15. Packages including a safari start at around £165 for one night.

Hotel boutique in Barcelona  Ca la María reminds you  that If you need to visit the toilet, you are welcome to pee behind any tree.






kolarbyn 2
hotel sweeden 4

 (Fuente de las fotografías: http://www.wildsweden.com)