Francesc Ruiz – Bcn Eye Trip “Eixample”, 2008

Bcn Eye Trip “Eixample”, 2008
Photograph | Digital print on photographic paper
166.5 x 122.5 cm


Our urban experience is made up of landscapes with no transition from one area to the next. Networks of places, people and situations stack up or overlap and the activities we manage to engage in seem to follow a logical concentration. Constructing a kind of monoculture of the social imaginary, Francesc Ruiz (Barcelona, 1971) explores these networks in which we move, the channels through which we travel and the human connections that limit our emotional engagement with each space. His work is all about points of view, mappings and networks of communication. For this artist, the image of the city (in this case centred on the neighbourhood in which we find ourselves, the Eixample district of Barcelona) is a vital space in which to explore the different ways of dwelling. Gender issues, love stories, fears and phobias, penchants and euphorias, and inter- and intrapersonal relationships are mixed, often with no apparent narrative connection, forming paradises of artificial self-sufficiency, beneath which lies a critical appraisal of the social, economic and cultural conditions of the contexts in which we live.