Hiroshi Sugimoto – Fagus Schulheistenfabrik – W. Gropius and A. Meyer, 1998

Fagus Schulheistenfabrik – W. Gropius and A. Meyer, 1998
Photograph | Silver bromide gelatin print

Hiroshi Sugimoto | Fagus Schuhleistenfabrik - W. Gropius and A. Meyer, 1998 | Fotografía

 In 1997 Sugimoto (Tokyo, 1948) began to portray works of contemporary architecture that had achieved the status of classics, of note among these being landmarks of the Modern Movement of the early twentieth century. In the present case, the building has been photographed from a viewpoint far enough away to be contemplated in its entirety, but at the same time it occupies the entire surface of the photographic paper, so that the magnificence of the architectural canon is not lost in the end result of the photographic image.

The Fagus shoe-last factory, in Alfeld an der Leine (Germany), was constructed between 1911 and 1913, and is the first large building by the young architect Walter Gropius. It is also one of the first Modernist buildings, in brick, glass and steel; a synthesis of art and a pioneering example of corporate identity, it has been classified as a historical monument since 1946.