Hiroshi Sugimoto – Signal Box – Herzog & De Meuron, 1998

Signal Box — Herzog & De Meuron, 1998
Photograph | Silver bromide gelatin print

Hiroshi Sugimoto | Signal Box- Herzog & De Meuron, 1998 | Fotografía

 Sugimoto (Tokyo, 1948) photographed the railway signals and points centre built in Basel (Switzerland) in 1994 by Herzog & de Meuron to house the engineering department’s electronic equipment and work stations. The characteristic out-of-focus blur adopted by Sugimoto for all of the architecture portrayed in this series dematerializes the forms, capturing only the essence of the building and not its exact representation. The photographer effectively isolates the subject from its context, providing a man-made construction with an aura of immortality and magnificence that sets it on a par with the grandeur of the manifestations of nature.