Javier Codesal – El Monte Perdido 2, 2003

El Monte Perdido 2, 2003
Photograph | C-Print
90 x 160 cm



How to state disappearance? How to relate absence? How to reflect abandonment? In El Monte Perdido (2003), Javier Codesal (Sabiñánigo, Huesca, 1958) pulled off a difficult feat that makes him a notary of what is hard to grasp. The narration of the video El Monte Perdido (which these still images are taken) alternates the screening of fixed and moving images. The contrast between the different definitions of the two media is used to produce different degrees of presence: the lost mountain confronts the feeling of absence. Disappearance goes hand in hand with the demarcation of a terrain that defines the subject, both the artist and the viewer, in the very act of looking, in some way summoning up its own end.