Jean Marc Bustamante – Barcelona Series, 2007

Barcelona Series, 2007
Photograph | C-print
40 x 60 cm

Jean-Marc_Bustamante1 Jean-Marc_Bustamante4

The images in the Barcelona Series are specific scenes, which set out to make an object of the image and revolve around a putatively secondary theme such as air or light. They are examples of what the artist Jean-Marc Bustamante (Toulouse, 1952) thinks of as tableaux. Barcelona and its outskirts are the setting the artist uses to show the quality of urban spaces ‘without qualities’: transitional spaces such as street crossings. They are places where something has happened or will happen and where a subtle interplay between reality, fiction and believability is tested out.

Considering the place as the site that we humans create in the world in order to affirm our existence, Jean-Marc Bustamante defines a familiar place that is at the same time unknown and in some way enigmatic, cutting it out from the environment to which it belongs.