Jonathan Monk – Meeting piece #32, 2007

Meeting piece #32, 2007
Canaletes fountain, La Rambla, Barcelona, 22 January 2022 at midday
Installation | red vinyl letters on a wall
Variable dimensions


Jonathan Monk (Leicester, 1969) bases his work on references that are both autobiographical and drawn from the history of art, and he does so by means of a remarkable formal versatility. The artist himself explained the origins of the idea of Meeting Pieces in an interview with the critic Adam Carr: ‘When I lived in L.A. I wanted to make a text work that was simply an instruction for something else to happen. I guess similar to Lawrence Weiner’s sculptural texts. L.A. felt very disjointed and far away from where I come from, and not just physically. One needed to plan well in advance, nothing happened spontaneously. Perhaps this led to the forward planning with the meeting works. I am also interested in how the works function on three levels: the invitational text, the actual meeting and the memory of the rendez-vous. Only one meeting has taken place: it was very straightforward, exactly how one could imagine a collector meeting an artist as a work of art.’