”An exhibition is like a trunk on a ship, the important thing is the trip not the trunk. That is why I invite you to take a relaxing walk by discovering histories and establishing links” said Weiner, under one of his most emblematic artworks.

Some objects of desire, created on 2004, specifically for the atrium’s central wall of the Macba, that also owns three really important movies from 1970.

All the proposal of the exhibition follows its famous admission of intentions, something like a programmatic manifesto that marks a before and an after on the develop of current art history. ”On 1968, Weiner affirmed that artworks exist on the mind. Those can be produced or not and it can be done by the artist or not, but the important is the gesture, is in it that everything appears”, Soledad Gutiérrez explained, conservator and keeper of the project with Bartomeu Martí the museum’s director.

Between the artworks, a lot of them unpublished, you can identify sketch of the future projects, memories on images, cartoons and banners, realised with several skills and tools, from pencil to wax, collages and typo printing even the computer. ”The exhibition has to be seen as a big painting without hierarchy or chronological order. Each artwork works in an independent way and at the same time in relation with the others. All the staging has been really exciting because we were establishing links on the go” said Gutiérrez who has made a great compiling work to find a corpus on the really scattered artworks, in more than 50 public and private collections.