Perejaume – Platea 2000

Platea 2000
Photograph | C-print on photographic paper
51,5 x 244 cm (x2)

PereJaume 1

Perejaume (Sant Pol de Mar, 1957) is an artist whose fundamental means of expression are painting and poetry. He began to exhibit his paintings in the mid seventies, and was soon introducing other expressive resources such as texts, photographs and videos.

In his work, Perejaume focuses on concepts and ideas related to landscape, and especially on the problems of representation in and out of the painting.

He painted the eight medallions on the ceiling of the Liceu opera house in Barcelona, an undertaking he relates to the work presented here, and in which he mimics the reality of the opera house itself, copying on the ceiling the red velvet seats of the stalls, but locating them in a surrealistic landscape of rolling hills.