Spencer Tunick – Barcelona (Institut de Cultura), 2003

Barcelona (Institut de Cultura), 2003
Photograph | C-print on Plexiglass
180.3 x 226.7 cm


Spencer Tunick is an American photographer (Middletown, Orange County, New York, 1967) known for his photographs of large numbers of naked people arranged in artistic formations, often in urban locations. His pictures bring out a series of tensions between the concepts of public and private, tolerated and banned, moral and immoral or individual and collective.

Tunick began this body of work in the 50 states of the USA and has since used as a scenario cities such as Glasgow, Rome, Sydney, Montreal, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Mexico City.

To select his models and participants, the artist may carry out a search on the Internet or hand out flyers on the street, the idea being that any anonymous person can take part in his ‘installations’, as he calls these performances.

In the case of the Barcelona photograph, ​​Tunick organized the mass installation on the morning of 8 June 2003. The shoot on Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, which started at 4.30 a.m., attracted a total of 8,000 naked participants, who were positioned the length of the avenue, lying on their backs and looking at the sky, in accordance with the artist’s instructions. The photographic recording of this action, one of Tunick’s most numerous, concluded three hours later.